Strength and Courage

Hellooooo to anyone calling in today. Great to have your company.

Today’s post is in celebration of International Womens Day.

Credits for digital elements Holliewood Studios Mischief Circus.

It seems more important this year than any other that we support and encourage each other. That we use our wisdom, courage and our strength to live our best lives and help others live theirs.

Love and Light,

Flo x

6 thoughts on “Strength and Courage

    1. Thank you so much Gerrina. So pleased you like it. Gerrina, if you see this I am having problems leaving comments on your blog. Take care, hugs Flo xx


    1. Thank you Sweetie. I really like this digi element. She is quite striking isn’t she. Hugs Flo xx P.S. need to chat some time.


    1. Thank you so much Kate. Yes, I can see where you are going with Annie Lenox. She was so cool wasn’t she. The look that everyone wanted but too scared to cut their hair. How times have changed. 2020 hits and everyones grabbing those hair clippers! Take care, Hugs Flo xx


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