Flower Birthday Card

Hellooo to anyone calling into today. It’s great to have your company.

I have spent days trying to make a birthday card. OMG! Seriously how hard can it be. I find it difficult to make cards for people I know well. Not because I think they wont like it but for me, its got to suit them. You know personal to them. Does that make sense.

In the end, because I was running out of time to get this in the post, I grabbed a gelli plate background piece, I had made previously and stuck a flower on it. Well there was a little bit more thought went into than that but that was the gist of what I did.

As the background was busy I thought I would use this flower stamp because of its plain design, to try and tone the whole thing down.

To create the flower, I coloured a small piece of cardstock using a gellie plate and The same coloured paint as the background. I then stamped the flower using black paint. I did try and position the stamp so that the lighter paint on the background would be where hight lights on the petal would be. To finish the flower I added some shadows using water colour crayons and using colours to match the paint.

I’ve got to make my Mum a card. I think I will go and see what pretty papers I have!!!!

Thanks for looking.

Love and Light,

Flo x

8 thoughts on “Flower Birthday Card

  1. What another card PF !!!!! Well done you looks, amazing those colours are a favourite of mine, so vibrant and juicy The geli paint background is gorgeous,I wish I could get results like that with mine,its just rotting away in my bottom drawer.

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    1. Thank you UB, Get out of it. You are one of the most talented people I know. As for the colours, you are not thinking of lemon and lime in your gin are you 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hugs Flo x

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