Conflicted – Digital Art

Helloooo to anyone calling in today. Great to have your company.

I have had a few attempts at paper crafting over the last couple of weeks and I can’t seem to get going on anything. I am not sure if the joys gone or I am just bored with it. To get back in the swing of things, I was thinking maybe I will try some of these 30 days or 100 day projects which seem to be popular at the moment. 100 days seems a little bit too ambitious for me. I don’t know… I will have to have a think about it. Maybe some ATCs or something of a size say 5″x5″. Something that I can pop on a card if I need one. Yes, I quite fancy that.

So, whilst twiddling my thumbs I thought I would have a play with some digi elements. I find working with digi elements quite mindful.

This is a project I started a few nights ago….”Conflicted”.

Credits for digi elements Itkupilli Imagenarium and Holliewood studios Mischief Circus

That’s all from me today. My darling husband bought be some Rhododendrons for my birthday so I am going to go and plan out where I want to plant them…..we know how to party hey!! 🙂

Thank you for stopping by.

Love and Light,

Flo x

6 thoughts on “Conflicted – Digital Art

  1. Hello Flo, oh I just know how you feel, I’m kinda at that point myself. I wonder if this long spell of covid has something to do with it, the long months of lockdown and normal things going array. I haven’t even gone back to Choral. Anyway, that’s my theory.
    So to your beautiful piece of artwork, the composition is wonderful, so interesting. Love the girl image and the gorgeous colours.
    Have a Lovely weekend whatever your plans are, hugs Kate 💖

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    1. Hello Kate. How lovely to hear from you. Thank you!!! I think you are right. It’s caused lots of changes hasn’t it. Maybe using the left side of the brain too much analsying and thinking about everything doesn’t help. Need to get the brain to switch over to the right side some how. It’s such a shame about your Choral Society. Fingers crossed you can go again soon. Thank you again Kate. Take care, Hugs to you both xxx


    1. Thank you so much Gerrina. Lovely to hear from you. Have a great weekend. I hope the sun is shinning. Take care, Hugs Flo xx


  2. I feel like that often! Not sure why or how to overcome but then it passes… Your make is interesting, the colours are great, the digis are beautiful and it does make the viewer think.


  3. I adore this one dear Flo!!!
    I’m sorry to have missed your birthday… Really too late now, I guess.
    I love Rhododendrons too, you must have a wonderful garden, I imgine that at least… Well, I’m sure, you love Nature I know.


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