Vintage Layers – Digital Art

Helloooo to anyone calling in today. It’s great to have your company.

Thank you lovely ladies for your comments and kind words on my last post. I have the best blogging friends and you are truly appreciated.

Crafting has been my life since…forever and I am finding it all a bit strange at the moment. It’s not that I don’t have ideas for projects, I have ooooodles but I just can’t seem to get going. You know…no enthusiasm. I am sure it will come back. However, In the mean time, I am still finding digital art really mindful. It’s completely absorbing and I am enjoying it.

Instead of physically getting out loads of pretty papers and all sorts of ephemera, I thought I would have a go at making a digital vintage project for a change.

Credits for digi elements – Itkupilli Imagenarium and Tumble Fish Studios Mischief Circus

I am quite pleased with how this turned out although I would change a few things if I was making this with real crafty stash. So it was worth doing. It’s all practice. I still can’t resist adding some paint splatters even if they aren’t real!

I’m hoping to catch up with everyone’s blogs over the next couple of days. I know you all have been busy because my inbox is full!! By the way I have had a couple of problems leaving comments. I think I have sussed it out. If I press the padlock in the tool bar I then can then leave a comment. I have no idea what that does or means but it seems to work. It could just be a fluke.

Thank you for looking.

Love and Light,

Flo x

11 thoughts on “Vintage Layers – Digital Art

  1. It is a lovely project Flo, and also very creative… in another way of course than with paints and inks and true papers, but if you have joy creating in this way, this is great in my opinion! 🙂
    Oooodles of hugs, Coco xx


  2. Wow Flo, if you’ve lost your mojo you wouldn’t know. I love this, you’re so creative. I love that you do so many things but each is recognisably you. Love Kal x


    1. Helloooo! How lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your good wishes. Yes, I am still creating. I’ve been busy with lots of drawing and painting and hope to come back to blog land very soon. I miss my blogging friends!!! I still keep an eye on everyone to see what they are creating 🙂 Sending hugs back to you my friend xx


    1. Hey!! Lovely to hear from you Annie. Thank you for calling in and for your good wishes. Wishing you and your family all the very best for 2023. Hugs Flo x


  3. Flo. It’s good to see you! I appreciated your visit to my blog. I live what you did with the digital crafts. I have bouts of wanting to craft but not wanting to craft as you described. I usually let it ride and read or do something else and it passes. Hugs friend!


    1. Hi Wendy. Always lovely to hear from you. Thank you for calling in. I think you are absolutely right and just get on with something else. There is no point fighting it is there. Its good to take time out and recharge the batteries and find new inspiration. Take care, sending hugs, Flo xx


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