Vintage Layers – Digital Art

Helloooo to anyone calling in today. It’s great to have your company.

Thank you lovely ladies for your comments and kind words on my last post. I have the best blogging friends and you are truly appreciated.

Crafting has been my life since…forever and I am finding it all a bit strange at the moment. It’s not that I don’t have ideas for projects, I have ooooodles but I just can’t seem to get going. You know…no enthusiasm. I am sure it will come back. However, In the mean time, I am still finding digital art really mindful. It’s completely absorbing and I am enjoying it.

Instead of physically getting out loads of pretty papers and all sorts of ephemera, I thought I would have a go at making a digital vintage project for a change.

Credits for digi elements – Itkupilli Imagenarium and Tumble Fish Studios Mischief Circus

I am quite pleased with how this turned out although I would change a few things if I was making this with real crafty stash. So it was worth doing. It’s all practice. I still can’t resist adding some paint splatters even if they aren’t real!

I’m hoping to catch up with everyone’s blogs over the next couple of days. I know you all have been busy because my inbox is full!! By the way I have had a couple of problems leaving comments. I think I have sussed it out. If I press the padlock in the tool bar I then can then leave a comment. I have no idea what that does or means but it seems to work. It could just be a fluke.

Thank you for looking.

Love and Light,

Flo x

The General – Digital Art

Hellooo to anyone calling in today. Great to have your company.

It has been nice to sit outside over the last couple of the days. The garden looks full of promise and I just hope the frost keeps away……the hydrangers are looking a bit vulnerable.

Whilst slurping my tea, I watched the pigeons and jackdaws. It’s funny when you watch them strutting about, you can see why many illustrators have depicted them wearing military uniforms.

Credits for Digi elements Holliewood Studios and Itkupilli Imagenarium Mischief Circus

With these ideas floating around in my head and inspiration taken from the garden I thought I would create this digital journal page.

Thank you for looking.

Love and Light,

Flo x

Conflicted – Digital Art

Helloooo to anyone calling in today. Great to have your company.

I have had a few attempts at paper crafting over the last couple of weeks and I can’t seem to get going on anything. I am not sure if the joys gone or I am just bored with it. To get back in the swing of things, I was thinking maybe I will try some of these 30 days or 100 day projects which seem to be popular at the moment. 100 days seems a little bit too ambitious for me. I don’t know… I will have to have a think about it. Maybe some ATCs or something of a size say 5″x5″. Something that I can pop on a card if I need one. Yes, I quite fancy that.

So, whilst twiddling my thumbs I thought I would have a play with some digi elements. I find working with digi elements quite mindful.

This is a project I started a few nights ago….”Conflicted”.

Credits for digi elements Itkupilli Imagenarium and Holliewood studios Mischief Circus

That’s all from me today. My darling husband bought be some Rhododendrons for my birthday so I am going to go and plan out where I want to plant them…..we know how to party hey!! 🙂

Thank you for stopping by.

Love and Light,

Flo x

Flower Birthday Card

Hellooo to anyone calling into today. It’s great to have your company.

I have spent days trying to make a birthday card. OMG! Seriously how hard can it be. I find it difficult to make cards for people I know well. Not because I think they wont like it but for me, its got to suit them. You know personal to them. Does that make sense.

In the end, because I was running out of time to get this in the post, I grabbed a gelli plate background piece, I had made previously and stuck a flower on it. Well there was a little bit more thought went into than that but that was the gist of what I did.

As the background was busy I thought I would use this flower stamp because of its plain design, to try and tone the whole thing down.

To create the flower, I coloured a small piece of cardstock using a gellie plate and The same coloured paint as the background. I then stamped the flower using black paint. I did try and position the stamp so that the lighter paint on the background would be where hight lights on the petal would be. To finish the flower I added some shadows using water colour crayons and using colours to match the paint.

I’ve got to make my Mum a card. I think I will go and see what pretty papers I have!!!!

Thanks for looking.

Love and Light,

Flo x

Counting Numbers

Hello to anyone calling in today. Great to have your company.

I have spent all week trying to make a mothers day card!!!!!!!!! Seriously how hard can it be. I gave up this evening and having binged watched Yellowstone a few times I thought I would make some digi art.

Credits for digi elements Holliewood Studio Mischief Circus

I’ve had it in my mind to try out some ideas with mark making etc using digi elements instead of getting all of the paints and craft stash out. Some of the projects I had made are a little bit busy for my liking. Anyway its always good to have play.

Thanks for looking,

Love and Light,

Flo x

Strength and Courage

Hellooooo to anyone calling in today. Great to have your company.

Today’s post is in celebration of International Womens Day.

Credits for digital elements Holliewood Studios Mischief Circus.

It seems more important this year than any other that we support and encourage each other. That we use our wisdom, courage and our strength to live our best lives and help others live theirs.

Love and Light,

Flo x

Mini journal Books

Helloooo to anyone calling in today.

As I have not got a lot of projects finished I thought I would share some mini journal books I made last week. These started off with just a bit of splashing paint around and mark making. They turned out to be a lot of fun to make. Somethings I like and somethings I don’t but that doesn’t matter.

I recently sorted through some scraps of paper and put them into colours. The greys spoke to me so this is why I chose the colours for the covers. That and I like browns and greys.

The front of the books are on the left hand side and the reverse of the book are on the right hand side. Apologies for the clips but I had to use them to hold the books down to photograph them.

Book 1

Book 1 front
Book 1 back

I’m in love with this number stamp at the moment and I seem to be using it on everything. Normally, it’s script that gets stamped on everything and everywhere but I really do like numbers at the moment whether it be a stamp or a stencil.

Book 2

Book 2 front
Book 2 back

These mini scrappy books were a great way to try out some mark making. I am really liking the scribbles and scratches but not so much the small dots anymore. They seem a bit forced. I liked the rain drop shapes (top left on the left).

I did also like the yellow washes in areas. I thought they would warm everything up.

Book 3

Book 3 front
Book 3 back

I have filled book 3 in quite a bit. I couldn’t resist.

I used little bits of pretty paper scraps and cut up gelli prints for the inside, with the additions of some blank pages. I took around 12 pieces of paper, of all different sizes, folded them in half and sewed them into the cover with some strong waxed thread.

I think I may use 10 pages next time. The books grow quite fat very quickly. They are great fun and addictive.

Thank you for looking.

Love and Light

Flo x

Berry Picking Mixed Media Page

Hi to anyone calling in today. Great to have your company.

What do you do on a wet weekend…get the paints out of course! 🙂 I have a few projects on the go at the moment but all at different stages. Whilst I was waiting to carry one with some of those, I thought I would make another page. I’ve had so much fun with these over the past week.

This started off on a gelli plate and then I added some stencilling. I stamped and coloured my little images and whilst they were drying I added some stamping and some painty scribbles to the background.

Credit for stamps: Paperartsy Jofy and 13 Arts Numbers

I added some long legs to the body and gave her some stripey tights. To finish off I stamped, coloured and added the little berry flowers.

Colour swatch for this project

Thank you for looking.

Take care,

Flo x

Santos Doll Page

Hi everyone,

These weekends are certainly coming around quickly. I spent a few evening last week sorting through my stamps. They are all very muched loved but I struggle for space and trying to find that one, you know that one that’s in the box somewhere….aaaagh. I decided to choose a few to play with and put the others away for the time being.

I saw on Craftyfields blog that the Countryviews craft challenge is hearts and flowers this month and thought I would make something for that.

Credits for stamps used: Paperartsy Lynne Perrella -Santos Doll. 13 Arts Stamps – Numbers

I chose this stamp for the challenge because of the heart in the middle of the santos doll and for the flowers I used a stencil. I added some scraps of paper at the end just to add a bit more interest.

Thank you for looking. Have a fabulous weekend.

Take care,

Flo x

Spring Blossom Card

Hi everyone,

I hope you have all had a great weekend and have lots of lovely things planned for this week.

I wanted to join in the We Love Stamping challenge this month. The theme is anything goes with the option to add stenciling.

I’ve been itching to use this stamp since I bought in December. So I thought I would have a play and make a card for the challenge. I’ve not made a card in ages and it was a bit hit and miss.

Credits for stamps used: Kokeshi Doll and Scrip – Paperartsy Jofy. Leaf Flourish – Elusive Images.

I used some different floral stencils on the background and then stamped and embossed the leaf flourishes and stamped the wording. I stamped the little Kokeshi Doll onto a separate card, coloured it with ink and attached it with foam tabs. I added some dots and splatters and then wished I hadn’t …but hey! Its for fun.

Well that’s all from me today. I’m off for a cuppa.

Take care,

Flo x