Shades of Green Collage Doodles

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the week. Not long now for the weekend.

When I have had some free time this week I have been splashing paint about and doing a bit of doodling on collaged paper. Nothing riveting but I do find it quite mindful.

I used thick watercolour paper for these. For no reason other than it was what was at hand. With a bit of gesso and some scraps of paper I created a collagesque base. I liked painting on it. I thought I would use these as little covers for some scrappy day journals.

Oh, Just to share. I ran out of relief paste. Well, to be accurate mine had dried up so I made some out of talc, glue and gesso. There are lots of recipies around. I have tried different recipes but for me, 1tb spoon of Gesso, 1tb spoon PVA, and 2tb spoons of talc. A little water. Now, the first batch I made I added too much water. For me, I found that after I have mixed all of the ingredients together, I just add the water with a mister spray and that works better. Only a couple of squirts until it is the right consistency. Its all a bit hit and miss and you might want to add a little more talc etc or some sand for more texture. I love it. It works great with stencils. For messing about and experimenting it is definitely worth making.

That’s all from me. I am off to sort out my stamps and maybe make something for a challenge. Need a cuppa first though!! 🙂

Take care,

Hugs Flo x

A little quirkiness to start the year.

Happy New Year to everyone. Wishing you all Health and Happiness for 2022. I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and Santa was kind to you.

For the last 20 years I have asked Santa for an Aston Martin….. it never arrives! I wake up every Christmas morning full of hope. The thing is, if by chance, someone did get my beautiful car by mistake, can you let me know because I think I have your Jigsaws!!!!

Well I have been absent from blog land again. Full of good intentions when I set up this new blog. We had made arrangements for the plumber and electricians to come and do a job. They came earlier than we thought which was a good thing but it meant that when they had finished, I could finish decorating the landing and stairs which I had planned to do in the Spring of this year. Anyway, while the going was good with the weather and I was in the mood to do it, I cracked on with the job. We have a sort of floating landing so husband built me a platform to walk about on whilst I was painting…. I’m getting too older for these sort of jobs 🙂 Anway, that’s what I have been doing and lots of crafting in between so I’ve not been completely lazy.

I was sorting through some old gelli plate prints and not knowing really what to do with them, I thought I would glue some digi element prints to them, add some more paint and see what happens. I had fun making these.

I love the quirkiness of these little mashup people digi elements from Miles Beyond the Moon – Mischief Circus.

Well that is all from me today. I am going back to the craft room this afternoon. I am playing around with some painting ideas and techniques at the moment. Just to see what I like, what I don’t like and what I can remember. I love experimenting with paint. Such good fun.

Take care,

Flo x

Attitude – Abandoned Florals – Digital Art

New blog, new beginnings and new crafty journey.

Hi everyone,

I’ve been busy for the last few months working on the house. Goodness, it feels like a hundred years. The cool summer has definitely been in my favour though. The bulk of the decorating is done. I still have some work to do but they are jobs that I can just do now and again, when I feel like it and mix it up with a bit of gardening. I’m really pleased with the progress so far and it does feel like our home now which is great.

Credits for digi elements : Holliewood Studios Mischief Circus.

Anyway, whilst working I started to think about crafting and what I would like to do now. There are so many different crafts that I am interested in and some I haven’t done for years. I’ve been talking a lot about it over the last couple of years but it really is now or never. I would really love to create some more mixed media artwork for home. I still love my stamping, paper craft and journalling. I also really enjoy digital art. So there is lots to get going on. The two blogs I had previously always felt a little disjointed some how. It was either all on one blog and nothing on the other or visa versa. So, this is why I decided to start a new blog to celebrate new beginnings and to look forward with positivity. It would be great to have your company on this new crafty adventure and to join in the fun.

That’s all from me.

Take care,

Flo x